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Information, resources and reassurance for new parents navigating the highs and lows of life with a baby

The birth of a first baby is one of the biggest life transitions an adult will experience. Major life changes are always accompanied by mixed feelings and most parents feel under-equipped for the tasks of infant care and managing a household with a baby.

This website contains information about common experiences in the early months of parenthood and some effective ways of thinking about and managing them.

All information on this website is drawn from up-to-date research and the experiences of many parents of new babies. We hope that you find the site helpful as you learn to live with your first baby.

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And just like that‚ you're a dad

No one can prepare you for becoming a father. I fell completely in love with Victoria as soon as she was born but to say that I felt overwhelmed would be a major understatement...

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After Abigail was born a midwife told me that I have a huge amount of milk which was positive. Abigail loves to try and suck as much milk as she can which leaves her coughing or gulping a lot of air.

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Reflections on preparation and the birth

A fear that I had leading up to Abigail's arrival and even prior to coming off the pill was in fact the birth. Nothing could prepare me enough for this event.

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