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Sleep deprivation

By Kate

Sleep deprivation

I cannot believe how bad the sleep deprivation has been. L is now 3 months, and he’s sleeping way better than he used to, but it’s still not easy. I just keep thinking: “it gets better.” Or, I look at my own mum, and realize it must get better at some point …

He’s had two nights when he slept from about midnight til six-ish—and I was so surprised that I got up to check on him—but otherwise a “good night” is sleeping from midnight til 3, feeding, and then sleeping again til 6. That actually feels manageable—so I guess the “glass half full” is that I am now so sleep-deprived that getting even a couple of hours in a row feels good.

It’s just that I don’t have much reserve for the bad nights; and I feel a little desperate when I hear of my friends’ babies sleeping through much younger! Oh well, he is just his own man.

So we continue to follow the What Were We Thinking routine, to give him the best chance of sleeping, and keep our fingers crossed. The second strategy has been to alter our expectations — more on that to come.


WWWT Team -  It is normal that when your baby starts sleeping longer overnight the amount of sleep each night will change as it takes a few weeks for changes to be established.

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